Saturday, July 31, 2010

dinosaur week

I'm way behind my posting. This is the 2nd week of summer school. All about dinosaurs. We talked about dinos and did some amazing crafts some of which I was able to find on the net.

This lovely dino silhoutte template and painting design was inspired by That Artist Woman.

We also used salt to make the effect of falling comets. Each one came out different than the other...came out really prehistoric-like.

The school had some dino templates that we traced and cut. WE used wiggly eyes, markers, various colored construction paper for each type of dino plus colorful sand to add texture to the craft. We like using construction as backdrop for bulletin board. Very easy to do and readily available.

Another dino craft that the students did was foil rubbings. We had available different dino patterns. Each child chose a pattern and foil was lain on top of the pattern. By gently pressing the foil with their fingers the pattern surfaced which they colored in using colored markers.

Coloring the background a solid color made the dino stand out more. Each rubbing had 2 dinos one smaller like a mommy and baby dino according to my students.

We also did fossils using clay which unfortunately I was not able to take pictures of. We gave the clay a day to dry. the kindergarten class painted theirs, turned out really nice. Our class (preschool) kept it as is. We used small plastic dinos, plastic leaves/flowers/stems/grass (we used the class flower arrangements) to press on the clay to make the fossil impressions.  My go to for this fossil craft is from That Artist Woman.

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