Monday, November 7, 2011

New School Year

It's November and I've only now had the chance to write about the new school year. I am now co teaching with another teacher both of us get a chance to lead and next week is already the first of two parent teacher conferences. This post is sooo late but I still wanted to write about the big leap to being assistant and having a classroom of my own. There are ups and downs. More freedom and more choices. Putting theory into practice. Challenges pose more stress, more work (progress report). Rotating jobs, keeping jobs interesting and adding seasonal jobs. There's time management and lesson planning. I like it and getting the hang of it. Another aspect of my new role co teaching requires a more defined job role with both teachers to create a harmonious atmosphere. Still working on this... both of us need to really sit down and talk about what we need to do when one is lead and one is assisting.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

One More Week and I'm Done

I've not been posting at all! I've been out of touch and out of reach. But I've got good news! One more week and I'll be done with my Montessori Training. It's been a journey and a challenge but I know I just need to finish my Integrated Unit on Dogs and present it to class and I'll be done. Last day will be this June 23 a Thursday and Graduation Day for our Preschool is June 24.
Soo many things to finish like student portfolios and prepare my jobs for my presentation but I know I'll be able to accomplish all this.
I'll post pictures of my Unit and Preschool Graduation!

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