Saturday, December 18, 2010

On our shelves - December

Monday the students were treated to a nice surprise seing the classroom all decorated with the Class Christmas tree and Advent Calendar
Ms. C also had a lot of new and fun Christmas work  to share with the class.

Bell hanging work - there are ten hooks and ten bells to hang. This is also sensorial, appreciation of sounds, listening to bell. This work was popular in all age groups.

Christmas wooden characters matching work.

Christmas berry ornament tonging work. Visually appealing to the young ones.

Christmas sorting work. Next year, a variation to this work could be sorting the objects coming in different colors.  

We made handprint Santa's. The older ones needed little supervision with the gluing and designing.

We also  had a Christmas tree decorating work which I saw in My Montessori Journey's blog a couple of years ago. This is our second year doing this work and the students love it.

 The wooden Christmas ornaments work is sensorial in nature. Touch, and see little details on the ornaments. This particular student has been doing this work during the whole work period.

 Other children doing Christmas work.

This is a nesting box with a winter scene. The children need to be exta careful because of the delicate material of the box.

I've already packed the Christmas work and working on Winter art ideas for January.

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