Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time to organize my bathroom drawer

My drawer had too much in it and I was having a hard time finding what I needed and jewelry got tangled with my other messes. It was time to organize my bathroom drawer. I also need to organize my head bands and I'm trying to think how to do it.

I took out all the junk in the drawer and arranged like with like. Once I've done this I looked around the house for containers and anything I can use to "contain" those.

I purchased these small bins from our local Lowe's.

I bought this cute floral organizer way back knowing I'd be able to use it (or maybe I just found it cute).

This toilet paper roll will be my head band organizer.  No need for any prep.

Once everything was sorted out I started putting the items in each container/organizer.

I've arranged my things by color and by kind. This organizer is back to back but for now I am only using the front .

I plan to cover the toilet paper roll with a scarf to make it blend with the decor of the bathroom. I can also keep it under one of the sinks. After all the more clutter-free the better.
I've seen different kinds of ways to organize head bands (google blog)  but this is by far the simplest...dontcha think.

I like how these turned out.

I can't believe I have so much space in the drawer. I can easily get my things without any fuss. Plus I didn't spend anything since I already had everything on hand. Tired but I'm glad i did it.

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