Monday, October 4, 2010

my first month of training

First day of Pedagogy I got overwhelmed with the syllabus and books to read. So far I've spent  more than $400 just for books. I bought new and used books from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. We were given a planner to help us get organized. That night I plugged in all the homework and projects for each month. That took almost 2 hours but I was glad I did all that prep.
I've finished reading Rita Kramer's autobiography of Maria Montessori and found it very interesting reading. Easy and light. I liked it that our Saturday class talked about her life and I felt I understand her more.
At the same time I am also taking practicum. Every Tuesday is pedagogy and Thursdays practicum. For practicum I have three students to observe and I'll be making a student portfolio about them. At the same time I'll be putting together an intern portfolio. This will be more on classroom and school routine and documents.
My first month has just ended and I'm am getting the hang of the classes. There will be more things to do but I'll be sharing my bag of tricks which is one of my first projects in class. The bag has day care/rainy activities which we can just grab anytime we need it.

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