Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movement indoors and outdoors

Other than keeping students calm and restful during naptime, movement is important for our students. We need to incorporate movement in our lessons. Montessori talks about sensitive period. at the Preschool age she talks about refinement/coordination of movement being from 2.5 to 4.5 years of age. According to Montessori "this is when the child may start using both hands in coordination of fine movements, being able to hold small items with pincer grip and release voluntary. Gross motor can be coordination of walking, running, balancing while carrying a jug of water and jumping. The child acquires this coordination through repetition of purposeful motor activity. Model to your students how to use hoops, cones, balls, bean bag in different activities or games.

This picture shows students after being shown how to use hoops ala hopscotch or obstcle course over a period of time initiated this activity by involving their classmates. Playtime started by me giving themhoops to play with. I didn't tell them what to do. I left it up to them how they would use the hoops. Some used it as a hula hoop, others used it as wheels to roll. The older students wanted to use it for an obstacle course. The only rule was that they can use the hoop if the one using the hoop gives it to them. After a few minutes I saw around seven hoops and a long line.
They invited everyone to play with them and even the younger kids joined in. I love Montessori.

A well loved and well used movement activity inside a Montessori classroom is walking the line. Between the ages of 3 to 6, the child needs to practice, perfect, and consolidate the body’s movements. For this reason, Dr. Montessori began using the “Walking on the Line” as a Practical Life exercise. This exercise helps the child control his body, develop balance and perfect equilibrium, as well as to strengthen the mind’s control of its body’s movements. The “line” used during this exercise is a continuous and permanent shape in the environment. (from Montessori Primary Guide)

I changed the line into a crooked line from one end to the other end of the classroom.
 Walking at the same time balancing a bean bag pillow on the head.
 Crawling on the line.
Hopping on the line.

I  will be thinking of other movement and walking the line activities that are purposeful and controlled. Having them practice controlling their movements will discipline them in how they carry themselves. I like the bean bag on the head. The students really were careful and controlled their movments all throughout the line.

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